The best investment that you can make is through educating yourself.

If you'd rather learn on your own and become an expert yourself,

we can help you get there!


How can you use the red-hot Cryptocurrency market to potentially amass a quick fortune…even starting with only $100?

Here is just one strategy you will learn with the Bitcoin Inc programs:

Let's start with

• 1. A crisp fresh $100 note

• 2. The fact that dozens of 'small cap' Cryptocurrencies have exploded in price over the past few months (some have skyrocketed between 12,000% and 56,000%


All you have to do is model this ‘Secret Bitcoin Strategy' and you could potentially retire incredibly wealthy in less than a year.

 Sound impossible? It’s not.

To make it work…


• • You do NOT need to be an expert in bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies…


• • You do NOT need a lot of money (only $100)

• • And you do NOT need a lot of free time…


But you DO need to know which Cryptocurrencies to buy, when to buy them, and how much to pay for them.


This is where getting a Bitcoin Education can help plus having access to services that keep you in the know and joining a growing like minded community wanting to make the world a better more fairer place.

But if you’d rather watch your dreams about becoming a millionaire dissolve before your eyes like a puff of smoke…


Then stop reading right now.


Still with me? Great.


Let me explain how straightforward it is…


What you’re about to see is a little-known investing secret.



Put simply, a cryptocurrency is a digital currency that operates outside of any government control. That means these currencies CANNOT be manipulated by governments, central banks, or any other ruling institution around the world…


Which is why they’re probably the last “pure” currencies on earth…


Let me show you how they work…


You’ve probably at least heard of “Bitcoins,” right?


They exploded onto the scene back on 22 May, 2010. That’s when a web developer purchased two Papa John’s pizzas using 10,000 units of bitcoin. It was the first known cryptocurrency transaction…back when bitcoin was trading for less than a cenT. 


In fact, 10,000 Bitcoins was roughly worth about $30 at the time.


Now, as you may know, the price of bitcoin began skyrocketing higher and by 2014 – just four years later – that same $30 starting stake was worth more than $5 MILLION.

But get this…


Today, that same $30 is now worth a life-changing $114 million!

That’s why Business Insider says, ‘Bitcoin is going absolutely nuclear. Its price is tearing upward, with each bitcoin currently worth US$11,500 USD. 

As I’m writing to you this week bitcoin’s price has already well surpassed the US$11,000 USD mark…a new record high.


At $11,500 one single bitcoin is now worth more than triple the price of an ounce of gold. Amazing, isn’t it?


And here’s the truly exciting part: You might not realize this, but there are now over 4000 cryptocurrencies exchanging hands on the “open markets.” The vast majority trade for just mere cents, just like bitcoin did back in 2010. And many of these are beginning to skyrocket in price…


As Bloomberg reports, “While the record-breaking rally in Bitcoin has captivated markets, demand for other digital coins is surging as companies raise millions in minutes, or even seconds…” That gives us a rare chance to turn back the hands of time, and get into cryptocurrencies that are dumping MILLIONS into the laps of foresighted investors.


Take, for example, a small cap cryptocurrency called Reddcoin…


Reddcoin was specifically created to be used for purchases across social media networks…like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


People love it because they can shop online with enhanced security and complete anonymity. And in a recent 7-day period, the price of Reddcoin exploded in value by a whopping 1,134%! That’s enough to turn $20 into almost $227… or $200 into $2,268.


Imagine…Starting the week with $200… And then ending the week with $2,268… All with doing NO EXTRA WORK.


And simply because you bought Reddcoin at the start of the week… and cashed out 7 days later.


Incredible, right?


Or how about Dogecoin (pronounced Doggie-coin). Dogecoin is a new alternative currency for pet lovers. It’s accepted at a number of stores to purchase everything from leashes to an animal DNA test kit…or you could use it to pay for a dog sitter when you go on holiday. In that same seven-day period, Dogecoin’s value increased by a whopping 267%.


But as exciting as that is, it’s nothing compared to a new alternative currency for folks living in the Big Apple…called NewYorkCoin. That’s because the price of NewYorkCoin jumped an amazing 2,871%, OVERNIGHT. In other words, if you had bought $20 of NewYorkCoin on that Monday… it would have been worth $571 by Tuesday.


But here’s where it gets even better. The price of NewYorkCoin had been steadily climbing all week. Prices have jumped a staggering 56,606% in just one week…turning every $100 into over $56,606. And if you had decided to get aggressive… and plunked down $2,000… you would be sitting on over $1.1 million today.


Imagine that. More than $1,000,000 in profits… In just a week.


Go ahead — look it up for yourself .You’ll find that what I’m telling you is 100% accurate.


That’s how exciting today’s opportunity in small cap cryptocurrencies truly is…


I could go on and on… But here’s what you need to know right now…



Let me show you just how explosive the upcoming opportunity in cryptocurrency investing could be when you follow the ‘Secret Bitcoin Strategy'. 


Step by step, I’ll show you how $100 could have turned into more than $1.64 million in just three days.


Yes, this strategy is risky and requires a bit of luck.


I would never recommend it to my readers.


This is simply an accelerated example of how potent these small cap cryptocurrencies really can be.


That said…


These price explosions actually happened over a three-day period (and at any point in early 2018, I fully expect it to happen again).


So, although it’s highly improbable you’d be this lucky, it’s NOT impossible.


That’s important to remember.


All right, here we go

‘Secret Bitcoin Strategy' Step #1:

$20 Turns Into $5,938 in 24 Hours

AMIS is a brand-new cryptocurrency that hit the markets on 21 April, 2017. If you haven’t heard of it before, you’re not alone. Remember, the best profit opportunities (especially in small cap cryptocurrencies) are rarely featured on TV or covered by the financial newspapers.


When the markets opened on Monday morning, 22 May, AMIS was trading for just $1.54. That’s cheap enough for anyone to buy. And cheap enough for you to load up on a dozen units with just $20.


But then it got really exciting. Around lunchtime, the price of this little-known cryptocurrency began rocketing higher! And by the end of the day, a buying frenzy pushed the price of AMIS up to $458.82 PER UNIT! That’s an incredible gain of 29,693% (in just a single day)!


If you were savvy enough to buy AMIS… and sold out in 24 hours. You could have quickly turned a $20 grubstake in AMIS into $5,938.


The best part?


Well, truth is there were many other cryptocurrencies like AMIS I could have chosen as an example.


Now, that’s a nice start. But it’s chump change compared to what’s next. Before we move on, though, let’s suppose you put your original $20 back into your savings account. Now you’re using nothing but ‘house money’, as we say in the investing world.


So, you’re going to roll that $5,918 of pure profit into the next step. At this point, you really can’t lose…

‘Secret Bitcoin Strategy' Step #2:

Collect $169,905 After 2,871% Mega-Gain

This is an excellent example of how powerful small cap cryptocurrencies can be when the timing is perfect (like what we can expect in around 15 February). You could have bought NewYorkCoin (NYC) for less than a cent per share at the start of trading on Tuesday, 23 May (the very next day).


By the end of the day, this alternative currency zipped up the charts, for a mega-gain of 2,871%. Now, there was NO news about NewYorkCoin coming from The Wall Street Journal…Business Times…or any other major media outlet.




Just one simple thing pushed those prices higher. 


• • The cryptocurrency markets are red hot…and bitcoin’s historic run was plastered all over the internet.

• Again, this is EXACTLY what we can expect come February — this event could easily send prices screaming higher.) 


It pushed this small cap currency’s price higher by an incredible factor of 287 times your money. 

And had you invested your $5,918 profit from Step #1, the resulting mega-gain would have put a staggering $169,905 right in your pocket!

Not bad for a handful of mouse clicks and a few days of ‘work’. Compare that with an investment in a big blue-chip stock like Apple. When Apple launched the revolutionary iPhone, shares jumped a whopping $21. That’s impressive…for a huge company.


BUT, before the jump…


Apple shares were already changing hands at $122. So, the biggest breakthrough in mobile phone technology — heck, it was the biggest breakthrough in ANY technology — and you would have only bagged a measly 17% gain. Now look at the small cap cryptocurrency NewYorkCoin again…it jumped a mouth-watering 2,871%...


In just 24 HOURS!


Now can you see the power of small cap cryptocurrencies? And when you have the perfect investment scenario — which I expect to begin less than a month from today — you’d be hard-pressed to find a quicker way to get rich quickly. To summarize…


Your $20 could have turned into $5,918 in pure profits with Step #1… And then that $5,918 turned into $169,905 with Step #2... But we’re still not done. I promised to show you how to turn $20 into $1.64 million. And that takes one final step...

‘Secret Bitcoin Strategy' Step #3:

More Than $1.6 Million in 72 HOURS

It’s hard to imagine that you could have become an instant millionaire simply by making just three moves...


But if you had rolled your profits from Step #1 and Step #2 into a small cap cryptocurrency called Solaris Coin (XLR), that’s exactly what would have happened.


Solaris Coin’s main goal (its ‘mission statement’, if you will) is to provide the ‘ability to send and receive money immediately anywhere in the world, to not pay expensive banking fees, and to transact in an environment that is secure and anonymous.’


This is precisely what most folks are looking for in cryptocurrencies.


A safe and secure way to buy goods from around the world without paying expensive banking fees…


And on Wednesday, an unprecedented amount of folks from all over the world began gobbling up units of Solaris Coin… sending prices screaming higher.


When the markets opened, you could have plunked down your profits from Step #2…and picked up this alternative currency for around just 40 cents…


And by mid-afternoon, you could have cashed out for a jaw-dropping $4.30!


That’s a mammoth gain of 975%!


In other words, you’d be a multimillionaire.


Incredible, right?


In just three moves, you could have turned a tiny $20 grubstake into more than $1.64 million over a 72-hour time frame!


Remember, this explosion in the cryptocurrency markets just happened...


That’s the truth.


Go ahead — look it up for yourself when you’re done reading this message today.


The bottom line is this…


Although it’s improbable you’d ever ride a profit wave just like this, it’s NOT impossible.


Of course I’m NOT saying this past performance will happen again.


And I am NOT saying that you should take these examples as gospel of what could happen in the either.


It’s purely an illustrative example — because I want you to see for yourself the amazing potential of today’s red-hot alternative currency markets.


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